Magic Tools  = Creativity + Expertise + Technology

We combine artistic approach with scientific and technological expertise to create the new forms of  immersive experiences.  Focus of our work is on expanding the boundaries of perception and transcending  the audience into the altered reality of pure form, color and sound.

Why Magic ?

“Magic – is any process or appearance in the surrounding world,  which has no classic analog, to say it easily, thats that process,  which contradicts all known laws of classic physics and goes beyond our common perception of reality. It opens to everyone the possibility to essentially expand the borders of consciousness and to look into the most sacred depths of the universe.”

“Quantum Magic” Sergey Doronin  2012

Easy as Magic !

We live in the exciting time, when new inventions allow to realise the creative potential in it’s most contemporary form. We are on the threshold of next phase in our mutual relation with reality.  And for that reason, this transition has all characteristics of magic. There are technologies available that allow to conduct experiments  and to realise creations in the shortest possible time. Therefore, the most wanted are the expertise and access to instruments that allow to take advantage of these possibilities.


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