Magic World

Magic World , Vlissingen 18 Jan- 22 Feb 2015

Magic – Tools transformed one room in Willem3 into a magical cave where you are surrounded by rays of light , the Magic Cave . Lying you can be enchanted by ever-changing, three-dimensional light patterns. An experience that is beyond the senses and transcends you to another world. Concept and execution : Ksenija Pankratova , sound composition by Alexander Fedyushkin


Big Sun

Big SUN_GOGBOT Festival, Enschede 11-14 September 2014

Audio visual performance “Conversation” during the opening. Improvisation on the theme “The Mothership has arrived” from 1977’s movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”

organ_Gijs van Schoonhoven,  laser _Ksenija Pankratova


 SUN_Rotterdam Art Fair TecArt 6-9 february 2014

Vector laser graphics is thrown into space, continuously evolving in shape and varying in color. Coherent laser beams pass through metal mesh,igniting and revealing the internal structure of the space, defined by the raster. The peculiar shapes of the three-dimensional grid unfold into the turbulent flows of light within it, resembling the ever-changing processes within the Sun. The nonlinear and quantum nature of laser radiation is the direct opening into the hart of the Universeand our connection to the underlying forces of change that it contains.